11-17-13 meeting minutes

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting doc is here–IYCOC 11-17-13 Minutes

November 17, 2013

Islamic Institute of Orange County in Anaheim



  • Attendees:

Youth Board Members

  • Kurt Huckleberry
  • Keemia Kasarabi
  • Keerit Kohli
  • Cecilia Hurtado
  • Simran Chadha


  • Omar Solami
  • Raymond Ellis
  • Mike Penn
  • Lynn Davis
  • 3:08- Introductions and welcome/ Mission Statement Reading
  • 3:11- Reflection on Islam
    • The large Mosques are like a community center
      • There are two parts of a Mosque
        • Prayer hall; religiously tied events
        • Community center
    • At the IIOC Mosque they have 2 resident scholars/Imams
    • There are five pillars of faith:
      • Testimony of faith (there is only one God and the last prophet is Muhammed)
      • Daily prayers
      • Fasting of Ramadan
      • Alms giving (charity; 2.5% of excess wealth is to be given away, you can apply for the money if you need it)
      • Pilgrimage to Mecca (by the time one reaches puberty, they should make a conscious effort to go)
    • Mosques do not require membership, you can enter any mosque and pray
    • 6 Articles of Faith:
      • Belief in god
      • Belief in Angels
      • Belief in prophets
      • Belief in messengers
      • Belief in scriptures
      • Belief in the hereafter
  • 3:38- Leadership Training
    • How to run a meeting
      • What is the purpose of the meeting?
      • Agenda: organizing ideas
      • Always have a wrap up & summary at the end of your meeting.
    • SMART Goals (What are our goals for Hearts and Hands?)
      • Specific (we are making hygiene kits)
      • Measurable (we can count how many kits we make)
      • Achievable (we did it last year, we can do it again!)
      • Relevant (interfaith work and community service)
      • Tractable
  • 3:54 Walk in My Shoes Debrief
    • Sponsored by OC Human Relations
      • BRIDGE program
        • IYCOC put on two workshops: Discussion on faith bullying
          • The second highest cause for hate crimes in Orange County is faith based.
  • 4:00- Center for Living Peace & UCI Lecture series
    • Eboo Patel, Founder of the Interfaith Youth Core for University students
    • He spoke about the importance of interfaith work:
      • Find commonality and move on from that point of agreement to others.
      • It’s not a competition “my religion is better than yours” because it is a dialogue not a debate.
      • Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. stated “an injustice done to one is an injustice done to all.”  Or “what goes around, comes around.”
  • 4:07 – Faith Festival and Forum
    • Nadia Hassan will be the motivational speaker for the Forum.
    • Moving due dates for submitting projects to February, must change dates on website.  Simran has already asked Junaid to make the change.
    • Add an RSVP flier so we have an idea of the amount of students participating.  We must stay in contact with artists to insure their participation.
    • Committee meeting set for the Lost Bean Sat. 12/7/13
      • To make plans for the Faith Fair.  See date and time below.
  • 4:24- Hearts and Hands event
    • Next Saturday, 11/23/13
    • Make an email blast on Monday to remind everyone to attend.
    • In every gallon bag we need:
      • 2 combs
      • 4 toothbrushes
      • 1 soap
      • 1 toothpaste
      • 1 small towel
      • 1 big towel
  • 4:27 Courtney’s Updates
    •  Bracelet project (Maybe an added activity for hearts and hands?)
    • Emailed houses of worship & Partners for Information booths at the faith festival
      • Steve Wiebe’s reply said yes.


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