12-15-13 meeting minutes

link is here IYCOC 12-15-13 Minutes

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting

December 15, 2013,    Sikh Center of Orange County


  • Attendees:
    • Youth Board                                                                       Adults
      • Kurt Huckleberry                                                             Doris Longmead
      • Cecilia Hurtado                                                                 Mike Penn
      • Pranati Shah
      • Simran Chadha
      • Interfaith Reflection:
        • Sikhism
          • Monotheistic religion from India and believe in a forgiving God.
          • Believes in the equality of sexes;  Don’t cut their hair
          • Big following in the UK and Africa;  Have no subdivisions or sects
          • Fairly young religion started in 1469, The founder of Sikhism was  Guru Nanak
          • Languageà Panjabi and the text is called Gurumukhi which literally translates to “The Word of God”
          • Leadership Training:  “What is the difference of a Facilitator and a presenter?”
            • Facilitator
              • Tries to get others to talk
              • Redirector  & or ask clarifying questions
              • Bring up an idea to encourages conversation
  • Presenter
    • Wants to get his or her idea across because they are the expert.
    • Speaks most of the time, others are quiet

“Tips for Leading Small Group Discussions”

  • As a leader, what do you do during silence?
    • Let the silence settle so people can reflect on what is said
  • How do you insure everyone gets the opportunity to take part?
    • Westerners tend to be talkative, so the facilitator needs to act like a traffic cop directing traffic.
    • Asians need to be encouraged to speak, so the facilitator needs to act like an octopus, touching each person and inviting them into the conversation.
  • What is your goal as a facilitator?
    • Encourage different views and ideas
    • Must prepare potential questions for engage conversations
  • How do you ask clarifying questions?
    • Use “how?” and “what?” and don’t use leading questions
    • Youth Leadership Business meeting:
      • The Board decided NOT to use food trucks, but encourage our information booths to bring snacks and/or foods that represent their faith of cultural tradition.
      • The interfaith youth council will run a drink booth (maybe boba?)
      • Suggested Saturday Faith Fair timeline
        • 9-11 Sound check, rehearsal and set up
        • 11:30 Faith Fair opens
        • 11:30-1:30 will be the art show
        • 1:30-2:30 performance show
        • 3:00 Faith Fair closes
  • Questions that have yet to be answered
    • When will we have rehearsal? Friday?
    • Will performers have to stay all day?
    • Will there be a piano?
  • Keerit will create the agenda, will coordinate with Mr. David Milligan and Rosary High School
  • Suggested Agenda for Sunday-Youth Forum
    • Ideas for an icebreaker were discussed.
      • Flag? Motto?
        • Must connect to theme

Check in & sign in:  Cecilia, Simran, Pranati and Kurt

  • Have four with laptops sign people in using an excel spread sheet
  • Proceed to pick up folders and name tags name tags be color coded to match with color codes on tables.

What will go in the “hand out” folders?

  • Dialogue Questions
  • Evaluations Forms
  • Forum Agenda
  • IYCOC Information flyer & membership registration form
  • Information sheets on Catholicism & Rosary High School


Respectfully Submitted:  Cecilia Hurtado


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