2-12-14 meeting minutes

Doc is available here IYCOC Committee meeting 2-2-14 minutes

IYCOC Committee meeting, 2/2/14, @ “The Lost Bean” Minutes

IYCOC 1st Faith Festival & 10th Annual COC Youth Forum                                                March 22 & 23, 2014

IYCOC Youth Board attendees: Apurva Mody, Cecilia Hurtado, Keemia Kasravi, Keerit Kohli, Pranati Shah, Simran Chadha, Srilekha Gnanashanmugam, & Sameer Khan

IYCOC Adult attendees: Jill Weinthal, Lynn Davis, Safura Khan & Mike Penn

  • TIC from Santa Clara overnight home stay?

Sameer Khan offered to have teens stay overnight at his house and Mike Penn offered a place for their adult leader, Deacon Steve Herrera.

Faith Festival – Friday & Saturday

  • Volunteers for Friday night set-up:  Srilekha, Cecilia, Pranati, & Apurva.  All are welcome to come & help.
  • Volunteers for IYCOC infor booth:

10:30-12:00 pm;  Simran & Keerit

12:00-1:30 pm;  Cecilia & Srilekha

  • Volunteers for IYCOC drink booth:

11:30-1:30 pm: Apurva & Sameer

It was agreed to offer free, small bottles of water

  • Information Booth status:

We now have firm commitments from 10 Faith groups and 4 Interfaith partners.

It was agreed to let the booths stay up for Sunday.

It is up to each group what if any materials they

want to leave out.

  • Art Show status:

We now have firm commitments for 6 works of art.

  • Performance Show status:

We now have firm commitments for 4 acts and 10 more very possible.

  • PR Flyers Volunteer:

Jill Weinthal, from our Board of Directors, will do a

Publicity flyer.

  • MC: Simran is compiling a VIP list and opening and closing remarks.

Youth Forum Sunday

  • Who is coming:  It was agreed that each member of the Youth Leadership Board will work to get at least 20 teens from his or her faith to participate in the Forum.
  • Check in:

Sign in volunteers: Simran, Kurt, Cecilia, & Pranati

Name tags: Apurva           Folders: Sameer

  • IYCOC – MC:  Simran, Keerit,& Courtney are compiling a

VIP list, welcome, Forum wrap-up, IYCOC pitch, & closing remarks.

  • Candle Lighting & Faith Statement Speakers:

Jewish – Courtney Widerman                   Muslim – Sameer Khan

Catholic – Amy Lutfi                  Protestant – Kurt Hukleberry

Sikh – Keerit Kohli            Zoroastrian – Keemia Kasravi

Jain – Pranati Shah           Buddhist – Cecilia Hurtado

Hindu – Srilekha Ganaashanmugam       LDS_____________

Baha’I – ___________      Atheism/Agnosticism________


  • Volunteers to help take down/clean-up Sunday:

It was agreed that everyone stick around and help.

  • Other Business
  1. Phone tree: It was agreed that Simran, Keerit & Cecilia call members of the Youth Board to advise & invite them to attend the monthly Youth Board meetings.
  2. IYCOC announcement at your place of worship:  It was agreed that each Youth Board member make a Faith Festival & Youth Forum announcement to the congregations at his or her place of worship.
  3. T- shirt; style / color:  It was agreed to purchase IYCOC T-shirts and make them available for only  members of the IYCOC Youth Board.  Regular shirts for the guys, v neck for the ladies.  Also to have the big IYCOC logo on the back and the small one on the front up near the left shorder.




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