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Youth Leadership Board Minutes

Youth Leadership Board Minutes – October 7, 2012 3:00-3:15: Welcome and Introductions (Nihaal) Mission Statement (together) Introductions (Name, grade, school, faith) 3:16-3:23: Reflection on one faith (Precursor)-Sukkot (Courtney) 3:24-4:24:Leadership Training/Teaching  (Mr. Penn) Filling out Action Plan – Hearts and Hands (November 17, arrive @ 9)         -Hygiene Kits then Artistic Activity ($200 for hygiene kits-          Keerit will order them).  Possible as a (separate) project for         Sunday Supper at a later date.           -email in RSVP and blast out to all IYCOC members  to         participate.       *canned food drive (Nihaal will make a flyer) – Interfaith Youth Forum     -Theme Ideas/Questions (Nihaal’s suggestions):     Common Man: How does your faith describe...
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IYCOC Youth Leadership Agenda

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting October 7, 2012 Agenda 3:00 – 3:10 Welcome and Introductions: Name tags should be regular part of starting the meeting. Food – Conversation – Announcements Mission statement and Interfaith Education: Nihaal Shah 3:10 – 3:40 3:40– 3:55 IYCOC Mission Statement: read aloud by all: We come together to promote respect, understanding, and appreciation for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures, and traditions, through interfaith, dialogue, education, and activities. Reflection on one faith tradition: Courtney Widerman 3:55 – 4:30 Nihaal Shah Mike Penn 4:30 – 5:00 Leadership Training/Teaching: Review of last month’s leadership training lesson SMART Goals A leadership training lesson: “Plan of Action” What is it? How do make one? What are the important...
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