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11-17-13 meeting minutes

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting doc is here–IYCOC 11-17-13 Minutes November 17, 2013 Islamic Institute of Orange County in Anaheim Minutes   Attendees: Youth Board Members Kurt Huckleberry Keemia Kasarabi Keerit Kohli Cecilia Hurtado Simran Chadha Adults Omar Solami Raymond Ellis Mike Penn Lynn Davis 3:08- Introductions and welcome/ Mission Statement Reading 3:11- Reflection on Islam The large Mosques are like a community center There are two parts of a Mosque Prayer hall; religiously tied events Community center At the IIOC Mosque they have 2 resident scholars/Imams There are five pillars of faith: Testimony of faith (there is only one God and the last prophet is Muhammed) Daily prayers Fasting of Ramadan Alms giving (charity; 2.5% of excess wealth is...
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10-20-13 meeting minutes

Minutes from the 10/20/2013 Interfaith Youth Council Meeting doc is here —– IYCOC 10-20-13 minutes   3:02 à people arrive 3:07 à Introductions: Students present;  Apurva Mody, Cecilia Hurtado, Courtney Widerman, Dina Simon, Keemia Kasravi, Keerit Kohli, Kurt Huckleberry, Henar Abdelmonem, Dania Mohammad, and Fatima Usmani. Adults present;  Raymond Elias, Omar Salama, Mohamad Abdillah, Doris Longmeand, Lynn Davis, Steve Wiebe, and Mike Penn.   3:10 à Mission Statement Reading   3:11 à Kurt’s Reflection on “What it is to be Episcopalian” Anglican similar to Catholicism More progressive/inclusive There is confession, but there aren’t confessionals Created with the American colonies in the late 1600s Part of the Anglican community, but in America Same scriptures and sacraments, but they changed some rules What...
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