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Meeting Minutes 6-8-14 and agenda

doc is here- IYCOC 6-8-14 agenda & minutes IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting June 8, 2014 Agenda St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church 235 S. Pine Dr. Fullerton “THE MORE WE KNOW, THE LESS WE HATE”   Welcome and Introductions:                                      Simran Chadha & Keerit Kohli Mission statement and Interfaith Education: We come together to promote respect, understanding, and appreciation for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures, and traditions, through interfaith dialogue, education, and activities.   Reflection on Catholicism                              Marco Sanchez   Leadership Training                                        Mike Penn Reflections      Simran Chadha, Keerit Kohli, & Cecilia Hurtado Youth Leadership Business meeting:                         Simran Chadha & Keerit Kohli Old Business:   Interfaith Inventions, Inc. 2014 Summer Interfaith Leadership Camp 2        New Vision Partners 2014...
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