Our Mission…

We come together to promote respect, understanding and appreciation for the integrity of each others beliefs, cultures, and traditions, through interfaith dialogue, education, and activities.

“The Interfaith Youth Council of Orange County sends our condolences to the victims of this week’s tragic shooting in San Bernardino. We stand committed to the idea that interfaith engagement, service, and leadership remain the positive, proactive way forward for youth. We stand with the Muslim community in affirming that peace is at the heart of the Muslim faith and that violence goes against the tenets of all of the major world religions. We offer our prayers and support to all who are affected by these heartbreaking events.“

IYCOC ” It’s Up to Them”


Civic Engagement: IYCOC

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting for the month of November was held at the Sikh Center of Orange County. The Board meets at a different house of worship each month to learn about each others faith traditions and customs. For November, all council members were taken on a guided tour of the Gurudwara, ( Langar, Classrooms, Prayer Room) by a Sikh member, and were given an explanation of Sikh customs and traditions.

IYCOC Board of Directors & Advisory Council

IYCOC History


The Interfaith Youth Council of Orange County was established as an outgrowth of the successful Interfaith Youth Forum.  It was evident from enthusiastic forum discussions that young people are seeking bonds with youth who represent faith and cultural traditions unlike their own.  Comprised of interfaith leaders from throughout Orange county, an adult Board of Directors was established to guide and help young adults plan a variety of activities that encourage interfaith understanding, respect and civility. In 2010 an organizational change was made so that youth council could reach out to include cities and high-school-age teens throughout the county.  The governing nonprofit entity for the youth council is now New Vision partners.


IYCOC 2017-2018 Elected Officers

President: Elena Turner

Vice-President: Katie Clark

Treasure: Gurveer Singh

Secretary: Sahej Chawla


IYCOC Youth Leadership Board

Asha Ezzafi                   Zoroastrian

Elena Turner               Protestant/Episcopalian

Gurjiv Kaur                  Sikh

Gurveer Singh             Sikh

Ikroop Miglani             Sikh

Ismail Mohammed      Muslim

Joel Monzo                    Catholic

Juan Martinez              Catholic

Jude Muhtaseb            Muslim

Kurt Huckleberry        Protestant/Episcopalian

Mahek Logantha          Hindu

Nawal Seedat                Muslim

Niousha Farhangi       Zoroastrian

Noor Khan                     Muslim

Sahej Chawla                Sikh

Sahib Ajit Singh           Sikh

Sameer Khan                Muslim

Seerat Jhita                  Sikh

Sheva Mehrfar             Zorastrian

Sidney Ocampo            Catholic