Faith Festival 2019

Faith Festival 2019

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Faith Festival 2017 and 2018

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Faith Festival 2016 “Merging Worlds”

March 13th 2016 Faith Festival 11:30am-5:00pm, At the Pacifica Institue Irvine, CA

Faith Festival 2015

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SAVE THE DATE March 13th 2016 Faith Festival 11:30am-5:00pm

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Please see the pictures from the youth forum by clicking on the photos tab or this link  And also check out this video of the forum
The Interfaith Youth Council of Orange County, under the administration of New Vision Partners, invites all high school students to participate at this year’s Faith Forum and Festival.
To celebrate our eleventh year of hosting the Interfaith Youth Forum, IYCOC will be holding a “Faith Festival” on Saturday and Sunday, March 14th at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 1221 Wass St. Tustin, CA and March 15th, 2015,  also at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church 1221 Wass St. Tustin, CA
The festival, running for two days, will have two parts. On Saturday, we will “Express our Faith through Art”, with an art show and performance showcase all day. The following day, we will “Express our Faith through Dialogue” in our traditional facilitated dialogue session. 
Interfaith Youth Forum

All high school age faith groups are invited to come and join with 100 to 150 other high school students from various faith traditions to participate in the Interfaith Youth Council of Orange County‘s Annual Interfaith Youth Forum.

The purpose of this Interfaith Youth Forum is to bring together young people from diverse ethnic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and to engage them in dialogue.  True dialogue is a conversation on a common subject between two or more persons of differing points of view and/or backgrounds.  This dialogue’s purpose is two-fold:  first, for each participant to learn from the other so that he or she can understand and grow; second, for each participating adult to learn from the young what they think, what their concerns are, and how they deal with differing points of view.  We feel that this commitment to dialogue will affect relationships in a constructive way in our places of worship and in our community.

The forum itself involves having eight high school-age kids and one adult youth leader around each table to discuss a common question.  To view the discussion questions click here: FORUM QUESTIONS 2015

Our intent is to make each discussion group as religiously diverse as possible.  Our youth leaders act as facilitators, but it is stressed that it is the students we want to hear from.  The facilitator is there only to encourage the dialogue.

The event is planned to last all afternoon with breaks and a snack period as a part of the agenda.  After a 20 to 25 minute discussion there will be an opportunity for each student to fill out a Student Synthesis form summarizing their reaction to the dialogue.    In the Student’s packet there is also an evaluation form so that the students can give us feedback on the event and what, if any, suggestions they may have.

If you have any questions and or would like more information about the “Youth Forum” please contact me at:

Mike Penn



Submissions for our “Expressing your Faith through Art” Art Show are currently open!

Please view our Art-Flyer-for more information.

To enter our art showcase, submit any form of art created under the theme “Expressing your Faith through Art” and follow these steps:

1. Download and fill out the submittal form. Click here for the form: IYCOC-2015-Arts-Fair-submittal-form

2. Email a PDF or Word Document copy back to the Interfaith Youth Council of O.C. with the appropriate images attached. Our email address is: 


3. All submissions will be sent through a screening process, so please assure they are completed in good taste.


All submissions must be emailed by 11:59 PM PST on February 20th, 2013. 


If you have any questions regarding the festival/art show, or any issues with submission, please email us at 


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