IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting Agenda 2-13-13

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting
February 3, 2013 Agenda
Jain Center in Buena Park

3:00 – 3:10 Welcome and Introductions: Keerit Kohli/Nihaal Shah

3:10– 3:25 Mission statement and Interfaith Education: Keerit Kohli/Nihaal Shah

IYCOC Mission Statement:

We come together to promote respect, understanding, and appreciation for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures, and traditions, through interfaith dialogue, education, and activities.

Reflection on Jainism: Nihaal Shah

3:25 – 4:15 Leadership Training/Teaching: Mike Penn

Brief Review: Debate vs. Dialogue
Presenting vs. Facilitation
New Lesson: How to facilitate a dialogue
Study dialogue questions from your faith.
Apply these points to prompt others.
Use “inviting/clarifying’ to develop the discussion.
Mock dialogue practice.

4:15 – 5:00 Youth Leadership Business meeting: Keerit Kohli/Nihaal Shah

9th Annual Interfaith Youth Forum Report: Nihaal Shah
Action Plan assignments and time line

Agenda Keerit Kohli, Nihaal Shah & Mike Penn
Publicity Mike Penn
Parking Nihaal Shah
Food Nihaal Shah
Documentation/photos Mike Penn
Folders Nihaal Shah
Faith statement
Assignment of presenters
Certificates – Valentina Khan
Student Facilitators
Adult Facilitators
Special Introduction & Welcome:
Jain Center Leaders
Teen Council of Santa Clara County
Shinny-en Foundation Program Director
Interfaith Inventions, Inc.
First Drops Founder
OCIN President
Visiting Clergy

Other Business

Comments for the good of the cause:

Date and location for the February IYCOC Youth Board meeting

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