IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting minutes 1-13-13

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting

January 13, 2013 Minutes
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Tustin

3:00 – 3:10 Welcome and Introductions: Nihaal Shah

IYCOC Youth Leadership: Cecilia Hurtado, Nihaal Shah, Simran Chadha, Kurt Huckleberry, and Maria Hernandez

IYCOC Adult Board: Mike Penn, Doris Longmead, Jim Graham, Jesuit Singh, Ali Said, and Valentina Khan

Guests: Rabbi Frank Stern, Sande Hart, Dean Matsuda, Anthony Marsh, Richard Erkes, and Jeremy Stebens

3:10– 3:25 Mission statement and Interfaith Education Nihaal Shah

IYCOC Mission Statement:
We come together to promote respect, understanding, and appreciation for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures, and traditions, through interfaith dialogue, education, and activities.

Reflection on Episcopal faith tradition: Kurt Huckleberry gave a brief history of the Episcopal Church and its traditions as being both Catholic and Protestant

3:25 – 5:00 Youth Leadership Business meeting: Nihaal Shah
9th Annual Interfaith Youth Forum Report: Nihaal Shah

Forum Theme/Title –
Faith Observance/Celebrations

Action Plan assignments

Agenda – Nihaal Shah, Keerit Kohli, and Mike Penn
Parking – Jain Center
Food – Jain Center
Student evaluation form update – Simran Chadha
Folders – Jain Center
Table assignments system: By Color designations
Protestant – green
Catholic – orange
Jewish – Yellow
Muslim – chartreuse
Sikh – purple
Jain – pink
Buddhist – lavender
Church of Latter Day Saints – brown
Zoroastrian – red
Bahia – white
Hindu – blue
Other – tan

Faith statement: Assignment of presenters
Protestant – Kurt Huckleberry
Catholic – TBD
Muslim – TBD
Sikh – TBD
Jain – Nihaal Shah
Buddhist – Cecilia Hurtado
Church of Latter Day Saints – TBD
Zoroastrian – Roya Azarkeyvan
Bahia – TBD
Hindu – TBD
Other – TBD

Faith Symbols – TBD

Certificates – Valentina Khan

Student Facilitators: IYCOC Youth Leadership Board, remaining tables will be filled by teens from the Jain Center
Adult Facilitators: Will be selected by the IYCOC Adult Board Transportation & welcome of the Teen Council of Santa Clara County – party of 9:
Mike Penn, Valentina Khan, Ali Said
Back up if needed: Jasjit Singh & Sande Hart

It was agreed that all TBD”s for speakers, symbols etc will be determined at or before our February 3, 2013 meeting.

Old business: Nihaal Shah

Big Sunday project report: Sande Hart gave an explanation of a new added feature called the “Compassion Games.” IYCOC Chairperson, Simran Chadha agreed to meet with Sande Hart and work up ideas we could use for the games with the goal of turning OC into a county of compassion. Simran will give a progress report at our February 3, 2013 meeting.

IYCOC website: Mike Penn reported that the website is ready to launch:
Go to www.iycoc.org and check it out.
Jonathan Oskins has been hired to maintain our site.
Mike also encouraged everyone to start posting comments and other items.
Help us begin the conversation.

New business: Nihaal Shah

Interfaith Inventions, Inc. Anthony March & Richard Erkes gave a presentation on their organization, how it got started, and of how they put on a one week summer camp each year. There followed a conversation on how our two organizations could work together by sending some of our teens to summer camp and have them also put a dialogue. Anthony March and Mike Penn will continue to explore these ideas and report back.

Equipment purchase: With IYCOC Adult Board approval, Mike Penn, Jeremy Stebens, Nihaal Shah, and Kurt Huckleberry are meeting Sunday 1/20/13 at 3:00 pm to go buy a lap top computer and copier for the Youth Council.

Comments for the good of the cause: Jasjit Sing read a letter from the Executive Director of Family Promise of Orange County, Casy Crosbie, thanking
the IYCOC for the hygiene kits.

Date and location for the February IYCOC Youth Board meeting:

February 3, 2013 at the Jain Center of Southern California, 8072 Commonwealth Ave., Buena Park, Ca.

Everyone is encouraged to make this meeting. We will be finalizing plans for the Forum and also spending time on facilitator training.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Penn

Mike Penn

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