IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting minutes 2-13-13

IFYCOC Meeting (Jain Temple in Buena Park) February 3, 2013

3:05-3:29: Tour of Jain Center/ Faith Reflection on Jainism

3:30-3:32: Introductions/Mission Statement

3:33-3:49- Dialogue Facilitation Summary Sheet/Rules for RESPECTFUL Dialogue and Statement of Purpose/Forum Objectives (Mr. Penn)
Remember to have name tags and remind people to make them visible
Make sure to encourage everyone to talk

3:50-4:29- Mock Dialogue and Facilitating (5-10ish min. for each facilitator-Simron, Kurt, and Harnadar)

1. Name (facilitator asks clarifying questions) a faith tradition or observance that is significant to you and share how living in America has impacted that observance. Is it different today from the way your grandparents observed it? Has it been commercialized, obscured and/or circumvented in any way or degree?

2. What do you think is the universal message of this observance (facilitator needs to ask dialogue group to recap/recap themselves)? Are you aware of any other faith traditions that have similar observances and or celebrations with common themes and/or objectives? What are they?

4:30-4:57- Forum Run-through

certificates for community service

add Harnadar, Courtney, and Arman to sign-in/name tags

recognize Interfaith Teen Council of Santa Clear County in Closing

-Director: Steven Herrera

-Teens: Autra Namvar, Rachel Leiter, Mohini Narasimhan, Savannah Sherard, Yasmin Kouchesfahani, Sofia Braunstein, and Viraj Pande

Big Sunday Event? Simran email council with options for pitch

*next year: canned food drive w/ Families Forward

Congregation B’nai Israel Hunger Seder (March 25)

come at 11:30 for sign-up for forum

contact friends/organizations/temples/churches to join forum from your faith

Mr. Ron Carrigan for media contact

Next meeting: March 17, 2013 3pm-5pm @ Lost Bean on Newport Blvd. in Tustin

Respectfully submitted

Courtney Widerman

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