Meeting minutes 2-23-14

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting doc is avalible here —-IYCOC 2-23-14 minutes

February 23, 2014 Minutes @ Congregation B’nai Israel


Youth attendees:  Courtney Widerman, Kurt Huckleberry, Keemia Kasravi, Sameer Khan, Cecilia Hurtado and Cecilia’ s friend Andrea.


Adult attendees:  Doris Longmead, Safura Khan and Mike Penn

Adult guests:  Steve Wiebe and his assistant Aisha Elmari.


  • Before meeting chatter:


–          Zoroastrians made a mural to display at the art show Saturday (Yay!)

–          Courtney is talking to her youth members this weekend (as we all should)

–          Keemia is going to play a piece on the piano and might bring singers (go Keemia!)

–          Hindu’s might do a Bollywood dance performance

–          Everyone should bring at LEAST 20 of their faith members to the Youth Forum


  • Reflection of Judaism (By. Courtney Widerman):


–          There are three main type of Judaism

  • Conservative -> men and women are equal; dress is not traditional; follow traditional rules; people of the book;
  • Orthodox-> traditional
  • Reform -> 2nd biggest; less strict about traditional rules and mostly about social reform


  • Facilitator Training:


–          Don’t ask why questions

  • Ask How? Or What? Questions
  • Courtney will be in charge of keeping track of all facilitators


  • Youth Leadership Business meeting:


  • Each and every member of the IYCOC Youth Leadership Board is asked to make an announcement to their congregation informing them about the Faith Festival and encouraging everyone to attend.


  • Faith Festival  and Forum (Friday and Saturday):


–          We have 10 religions sponsoring an information booth along with 5 booths sponsored by interfaith, community and cultural organizations.  

–          Information Booth sponsors are going to start setting up at 10:30 am on Saturday and need to man the tables until 1:30 pm.

–          Doors open to the public at 11:30 am

–          We need to tell the organizations that they can leave fliers and any other materials they would like on their tables for the Youth Forum on Sunday.

–          The Acts that we have so far:

1)     A vocalist from Rosary

2)     A Sikh Tabla drummer

3)     Hindu Bollywood dance

4)     An LDS Ballerina

5)     Piano by our darling Keemia

6)     Servite worship  band

7)     Jains are doing a dance (classical Indian)

8)     An LDS female vocalist

9)     A Muslim play

10)  Buddhist prayers chanted by Cecilia

11)  A choir from Rosary

–          Armando Cervantes is in charge of food or snacks

–          Everyone is encouraged to show up Friday night 5 pm at Rosary High School to help set up

–          Apurva is manning the Interfaith drink booth

–          We will need to ask for permission to hang banners, posters etc. on the walls

*If we get the ok please bring masking tape (NO DUCT TAPE we do not want to ruin the walls)


  • Faith Forum (Sunday):


–          Google Excel sheet will be used at check in on Sunday

–          Nametags are done! (and they look marvelous thank you Pranati and Mr. Shah!)

–          We also found the candles!

–          The Santa Clara Interfaith Teen Council will NOT be staying overnight (we need to plan for their transportation (7 kids 2 adults) from and to OC airport

–          The Catholic Diocese of Orange County is making the folders this year


  • Steve Wiebe made a presentation about his organization, New Vision Partners and the three day leadership program they will be putting on this summer, “Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiative”, June 23-25


  • Steve and his associate Aisha will be at the Faith Festival and the Youth Forum with information about their summer program.
  • You can earn community service hours
  • Steve Wiebe is interested in starting an LA country Interfaith Youth Council
  • He wants our IYCOCO input and participation for this summer three day leadership program
  • You can register online for the summer program at
  • There is a $100 scholarship if you participate
  • Spread the word!
  • Please look his organization up on Facebook and like!


  • Interfaith Inventions Director, Anthony Marsh, has announced that their 2014 Youth Leadership Summer Camp will be held from June 22 – 27th in Malibu.


  • Mr. Marsh will have an information booth at our Faith Festival.


Date and location for the next IYCOC Youth Leadership Board will be from 5 – 6 pm at Rosary High School, 1340 Acacia Ave. Fullerton.


Respectfully submitted,



            Cecilia Hurtado






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