Meeting Minutes 6-8-14 and agenda

doc is here- IYCOC 6-8-14 agenda & minutes

IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting

June 8, 2014 Agenda

St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church

235 S. Pine Dr. Fullerton



Welcome and Introductions:                                      Simran Chadha & Keerit Kohli

Mission statement and Interfaith Education:

We come together to promote respect, understanding, and appreciation for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures, and traditions, through interfaith dialogue, education, and activities.


Reflection on Catholicism                              Marco Sanchez


Leadership Training                                        Mike Penn

Reflections      Simran Chadha, Keerit Kohli, & Cecilia Hurtado

Youth Leadership Business meeting:                         Simran Chadha & Keerit Kohli

  • Old Business:


    1. Interfaith Inventions, Inc. 2014 Summer Interfaith Leadership Camp

2        New Vision Partners 2014 IYLI

3.   Teen Interfaith Council of Santa Clara’s New Mexico Interfaith Immersion Trip.


  • New Business

1        2014-2015 Calendar of Events

  • OC Compassion Games September 21, 2014
  • Hearts & Hands November 23, 2014
  •  “When you turn 18 – A Survival Guide” by the OC Bar Assoc. October __, 2014
  • Faith Festival & Youth Forum March  14& 15, 2015
  • Community Service Project May __, 2015
  • Graduation Celebration June __, 2015


  • Comments for the good of the cause:

Date and location for the next:     IYCOC Youth Leadership Board meeting:


                        IYCOC Meeting Minutes: 6/8/14

Meeting Place: St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church

Youth Attendees: Keemia Kasravi, Simran Chadha, Cecilia Hurtado, Courtney Widerman, Marco Sanchez, Joel Manzo, Juan Martinez, Brenda Cruz, Sandra Cervantes

Adult Attendees: Mike Penn, Doris Longmeade, Javier Cervantes  (Emaculate Heart of Mary)

Introductions and Mission Statement– 3:25-3:30 (Simran)

Reflection on Catholicism– 3:30-3:35 (Marco, Juan)

  • First Christian religion
  • Bread and wine
  • St. Philip Benizi
  • Confirmation /baptism
  • Pentacost

Leadership Training– 3:35-3:44  (Mr. Penn)

  • Final Report to Shinyo-en (Review on own time and report back to Mr. Penn before report is set in to Shinyo-en Foundation)


-Review/Reflections from Graduating Seniors (Cecilia, Simran, Keerit(*by email))

Youth Leadership Business Meeting          

  • Old Business
  1. Interfaith Inventions, Inc. (still open spots for anyone who wants to go!!!!-contact Mr. Penn)-June 23-25, 2014
  2. New Visions 2014 summer camp and Washington D.C. trip (Keemia’s going!!!!)

-looking forward to reflections when she return!

  1. Teen Interfaith Council of Santa Clara’s New Mexico Interfaith Immersion Trip (Courtney and Marco are going!!!)

-looking forward to reflections when they return!

  • New Business
    1. Meetings over the summer?- delaying until August/September (enjoy your summer break!!!)
    2. 2014-2015 Calendar of Events

-OC Compassion Games and UN Day of Peace (September 21, 2014: 9am-4pm) @ Sukyo Mahikari Center for Spiritual Development

*Youth Chairperson: Courtney

* information booth

* possibly talent for talent show or member for panel

discussion(still in progress)

*volunteer for clean-up

    1. Hearts and Hands (November 23, 2014? @ Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Newport Beach)

Chairperson: Kurt (we’ve appointed you)

*confirm the date because supposed to be Saturday the 22nd

*Community Leaders that we could write about before experience for written campaign: maybe a slideshow of our heroes in day to day life or slideshow of Sunday supper program to show community where these hygiene kits are going to and who organizes these events to honor them?

    1. “When you turn 18…” by the OC Bar Association- try to make this a community-wide event with lots of teen participation  (October

Chairperson Marco and Cecilia w/ Juan

*research and contact

*get community attention and find venue

*try to find date in October (please not Oct. 5 b/c of Yom Kippur)

    1. Faith Festival and Youth Forum  (March 14 and 15, 2015)
    2. Community Service Project (*need to pick a date in April or May) (Keemia and Juan)

*Do food drive again with Orange County Food Bank like we’ve done in the past in front of Ralphs?-ran into issues and not an interfaith experience but good cause

*Collect Cans at forum as part as admission

-Courtney will send a list of needed items to Mr. Penn for email/forum flyer

    1. Graduation Celebration Party (June 2015)

Chairpeople: Sandra and Brenda

    1. Irvine Global Village Festival (September 2014-need exact date)

Chairpeople: Keemia and Pranati (we’ve volunteered you!)

  • Next Meeting Date: August 24, 2014 3-5pm

-@ Emaculate Heart of Mary, Santa Ana in Santa Ana

  • Senior Celebration!!!

We’ll miss you!!!!



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