Meeting minutes 6-9-13

  June 9, 2013 Minutes———-doc is available here-IYCOC 6-9-13 minutes (2) Shinnyo-en Buddhist Temple in Yorba Linda .Welcome and Introductions: Keerit Kohli/Nihaal Shah Youth Board present:  Armaan Kohli, Cecilia Hurtado, Keerit Kohli, Kurt Huckleberry, Nihaal Shah, Pranati Shah, Roya Azarkeyvan, and Simran Chadha    Adult Board and Guests:  Doris Longmead, Jill Weinthal, Mike Penn, Nichelle Madrigal, and Rabbi Frank Stern .   Reflection on Shinnyo-en Buddhist faith:  Cecilia Hurtado and Rev. Nichelle Madrigal presented a video on Buddhism and “Experiencing the Shinnyo Buddhist Masters.”  There was also an opportunity to view four busts done by Master Shinjo, founder of Shinnyo Buddhism.        3:55 – 4:30      Leadership Training/Teaching:  Mike Penn passed out copies of “Basic  Principles of Debriefing” and these were used as a guide for our debrief on Big Sunday and the Youth Lead TIDE conference..4:30 – 4:45      Youth Leadership Business meeting: Keerit Kohli/Nihaal Shah   Big Sunday Project Debrief :  Simran Chadha reported that 5-6 members took part and several baskets of food were collected.  One basket was donated by Dr. Gurpreet Ahuja.

Youth Lead TIDE Conference Debrief:  Each member of the IYCOC team listed below reported on their experience.     

Roya Azarkeyvan,Nihaal Shah,Simran Chadha,Kurt Huckleberry                                                              Each was impressed at the degree of organization the teens from Youth Lead demonstrated by putting on the two day conference and the need for IYCOC to work to increase membership.   They also reported how good they felt about the work we are doing at IYCOC. 

  Interfaith Inventions 2013 Leadership Summer Camp 6/23-6/28: 

Courtney Widerman and Kurt Huckleberry will attend representing IYCOC.  They will also be putting on a workshop. Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiative: Long Beach State U. 6/25-26, 2013; Pranati Shah will be attending representing IYCOC. The IYCOC Second Annual (2013) Graduation Celebration this year will be for Nihaal Shah and Roya Azarkeyvan and will be at 5:00 pm on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at one of the fire rings near the Balboa Pier in Newport Beach.  Contact Keerit Kohli for all the details and for what you can bring.

Approval was given to staff an IYCOC information booth in the World Religions tent at the Irvine Global Village festival on Saturday, September 28th from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Dr. Singh will be asked to submit the necessary paper work.

2014 Faith Festival & Forum;  Much discussion was conducted regarding the type of activity we should plan for faith festival on Saturday March 22, 2013.  It was agreed that many committee meeting will be scheduled to take on such a big project.  The first such committee meeting is planned for 4:00 pm Monday, July 1, 2013 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Tustin.  Keerit Kohli agreed to set up a Faith Festival Facebook page and Simran Chadha and Keerit will also be working to set up a special email account to handle publicity and to act as a sign in / registration point for those who want to participate.

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