meeting minutes 7-18-13

IYCOC Meeting-July 18, 2013 doc available here–IYCOC 7-18-13 Minutes

Adult Attendees: Mike Penn, Doris Longmeade,  Leslie Benjamin, and Nika Said

Youth Council Attendees: Cecilia Hurtado, Simron Chadha, Courtney Widerman, Moncia Mouet, and Pranati Shah,

4:10- Welcome and Introductions (Mr. Penn)

4:12- Mission Statement and Interfaith Education (Mr. Penn)

  • Reflection on Episcopal Church and its history

4:18-Leadership Training (Mr. Penn)

  • Making an Action Plan for Faith Festival and Forum

-Faith Festival(March 22, 2014):

  • Overall Contact person Regarding Festival-Simron Chadha

Objectives and contact person:

  • Art Show-Kurt Huckleberry

Deadline for applications=Dec. 20,2013

  • Performance –Cecilia Hurtado
  • Food-Pranati Shah
  • Information Booths –Courtney Widerman


Tasks:  1.  Put application and contact info on website for arts- Contact person-Simron Chadha

  • Task:  2.  Begin accepting applications: October 1, 2013
  • Task:  2.  Organize Adult panel for submittal process of art-Contact person-Mr. Penn

Deadline for screening are submissions- 1/6/14

-Forum (March 23, 2014):

  • Contact person-Simron Chadha
  • Forum questions finalized-September 1, 2013

Mr. Penn instructed each Contact Person to complete an action plan for each of their assignments to be presented at our next Youth Board/Committee meeting (see below for date, time and place).  Each Action Plan should have a detailed list of all the steps necessary to carry out each task and objective.

4: 50 –  IYCOC Business meeting (Simran Chadha)

4:51-Irvine Global Village Festival on September 28, 2013 Contact person-Simron Chadha

  • Organize booth

-play video, make trifold poster with mission statement, flyers/brouchures

-plan committee meeting to make trifold

  • Split up shifts (minimum of 2 teens and 2 adults per shift)

-10am to 6pm

4:57-Miscellaneous Business (Simron Chadha and Mr. Penn)

  • Hours Against Hate-*possibly organize an event around it at any point during year
  • Compassionate Ca.-*possibly organize small compassionate activities like Big Sunday->can use same activity/Hearts and Hands project
  • Taking Back Hate*like Hours Against Hate
  • International Day of Peace*Ask Ms. Hart
  • Laundry Love-*possibly have Mr. Bruce from St. Paul’s speak to us about this project in October as possible community service project later on (October)
  • Hearts and Hands-we plan to participate in this again with a different project
  • Big Sunday-we plan on participating in this again as well
  • Celtic Bar Assoc. “When you Turn 18”-informative seminar->possibly have them come as speakers at any time (April)
  • Our own service project- report back at next meeting.  Contact person-Cecilia Hurtado

5:10- Shinnyo-en Foundation Retreat

Attending for IYCOC will be Ms. Jill Weinthal and Courtney Widerman

5:14-Date for August IYCOC Meeting: Thursday August 15 from 4pm-6pm at St. Paul’s

Meeting agenda will be mostly doing committee work on the Information Booth at the Irvine Global Village 9/28/13 and the Faith Festival in March 2014.




Respectfully submitted,

Courtney Weiderman

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