Meeting Minutes 8-15-13

IYCOC Planning Committee Meeting- August 15, 2013— doc is hereIYCOC 8-15-13 committee meeting minutes

                                                St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Tustin

Council Participants: Simran Chadha, Pranati Shah, Kurt Huckleberry, Dina Simon, Keemia Kasrevi, Keerit Kohli (over video call) and Courtney Widerman

Adult Participants: Mike Penn, Doris Longmeade, Nihaal Shah and Jill Weinthal

4:10-Bracelets for Girls Center in Nigeria

-make during the meeting

4:12-Irvine Global Village Festival (Simran)

-Sign-up to Volunteer time slots

-Still need two volunteers for the 4 – 6 pm shift.  Contact Simran, Keerit or Mr. Penn

-flyers and pamphlets about Council to distribute

Mr. Penn will bring flyer copies to our next September meeting to finalize.

-work on trifold poster – trifold work at next committee meeting

Simran will bring materials to finalize poster at our September meeting.

-need sign-up sheets for council/forum

-collecting pictures from events for poster

-Each booth volunteer should know info about forum and art show to inform people

-bowl of candy to entice people

-binders w/ leadership training materials will be available to demonstrate the “leadership

Training” goal of IYCOC.

4:45- Forum (March 23 at Rosary High School) Speaker

-Interfaith Motivational Speaker: Nadia Hassan for Dialogue

-Tentative themes and Questions for Forum-revise

  • Inequality w/in religion- How does you faith respond to racial inequality?, How  does your faith teach you to respond to economic inequality? How does your faith teach you to respond to gender inequality?

Theme and Questions we decided on (please choose your top 3):

  • Theme: Faith and Justice-
  1. How does your faith/sacred scriptures define justice? Have these teachings changed over time? If so, how? If not, what has kept these ideals constant over time?
  2. How has your faith taught you to respond to war? How has your faith responded to war in the past?
  3. How has your faith responded to conflicts due to differences of interpretation of your sacred scripture?
  4. What role have women played in your faith’s history? What role are women expected to accept in the future?

5:14- Possibly participating in 9/11 event: An interfaith gathering “Building Our Community Through Interfaith Harmony, an evening of compassionate prayers and songs.  6:30-8:00 pm at the Church of Latter Day Saints, 23 Lake Rd., Irvine.

-What should we do and or what would we do?  More information to follow.

5:17-Date of Next Meeting- September 22, 2013 at Temple Beth Shalom 2625 N. Tustin Ave. in Santa Ana (tentatively) at 3-5pm

5:27-Projects we are participating in this year:

-Laundry Love (speaker coming to later meeting)

-Bracelet making for Girls Center in Nigeria (10/meeting)

5:30- Reflection on Shinyo-en Retreat (Jill Weinthal and Courtney)

5:37- Say Good-bye to Nihaal & Roya.  He is off to UCRiverside, and she is off to UCBerkley.

Respectfully submitted

Courtney Widerman

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