Meeting Minutes 9-22-13

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IYCOC Youth Leadership Board Meeting

September 22, 2013

Temple Beth Sholom in Santa Ana






Welcome and Introductions:              Keerit Kohli/Simran Chadha

Council Participants:  Simran Chadha, Keerit Kohli, Kurt Huckleberry, Keemia Kasrevi, Pranati Shah, Cecilia Hurtado, Apurva Mudy, Maham Cheema, Shamailah Azam, Hajar Hammado, Tanzila Suliman, Amy Lutfi, Hayley Wilcox, Christine Fitzpatrick and Srilekha Gnanashanmugam


Adult Participants:  Mike Penn Doris Longmead, Jill Weinthal and David Cohen

Mission statement:                                                      Keerit Kohli/Simran Chadha

We come together to promote respect, understanding, and appreciation for the integrity of each other’s beliefs, cultures, and traditions, through interfaith dialogue, education, and activities.


Interfaith Experience:  A Reflection on Judaism:      David Cohen, Temple Beth Sholom Director of Congregational Learning


Mr. Cohen gave a brief explanation of one aspect of the Jewish High Holy Days, the Day of Atonement.  He stated that in addition to being a day where Jews asked for their sins to be forgiven, it was also a time to examine how one goes about getting closer to God.  Of how one finds ways of moving from where you were to a place that is a little closer to God.

Leadership Training/Teaching:                                    Mike Penn


Leadership Binders and Training Materials were passed out.  Mr. Penn also made a brief statement outlining the duties and responsibilities for members serving on the membership board.

Youth Leadership Business meeting:                                      Keerit Kohli/Simran Chadha


Old Business:


Irvine Global Village Festival 9/28/13                        Simran Chadha

Simran brought all the materials and after the business meeting everyone

helped to assemble a trifold display for our information booth.

Everyone was encouraged to come by our booth at the Global Festival.

2014 Faith Festival & Forum                          Simran Chadha

Committee Reports:


Art Show Chair                                   Kurt Huckleberry

Performance Show Chair                    Cecilia Hurtado

Both Kurt and Cecilia encouraged Board members to talk to their

friends at school to submit art and performance projects.  The board

agreed to hold off any decision on the number of projects one individual

or faith group could submit until we had a better idea of the total number

of participants and projects.

Start date for accepting projects – 10/1/13

Dead line for accepting projects – 12/20/13

Dead line for projects approval – 1/6/14

Saturday Food Chair                          Pranati Shah

Pranati reported that the cheapest box lunch she found was $7.25 each.

Most other caterers were at $10.00 each.  Rather than purchase x number

of lunch boxes and worry about selling them all other options were

considered.  After clarification of the from Amy, Hayley and Christine of

the layout of Rosary High School campus the Board agreed to look

into using Lunch Trucks for our food on Saturday.

Faith Information Booths Chair         Courtney Widerman

The board agreed to limit the information booths to one per faith tradition.


Sunday Youth Forum Chair               Simran Chadha

After much discussion the board agreed to the following theme and dialogue questions:

Faith Festival and Tenth Annual Interfaith Youth Forum Theme –

“Faith and Justice”

Youth Forum Dialogue Questions:

  1.  What roles do sacred scriptures play in your faith tradition?
    1.  How has your faith tradition responded to different interpretations of your sacred scriptures?
  2.  How does your faith and its sacred scriptures discuss justice; social justice, injustice and conflict?
    1.  How has this been practiced in the past?
  3.  What role do women play in your faith tradition today?
    1.  How was it in prior generations?
    2. Do you expect to see changes in women’s roles in the future?

Hearts & Hands                                              Keerit Kohli

Keerit described what we did last year as our project.  A brief discussion

followed considering alternative ideas.  Everyone was encouraged to email

Keerit their ideas and suggestions.  Keerit said she will contact the

Organizers and report at next month’s youth board meeting the time and

date for the event for this years event.

New Business:


OC Human Relations invitation to put on a workshop “In Your Faith.”

Part of the “Walk in My Shoes” project at Cal State Fullerton Friday,

November 15, 2013.                           Cecilia Hurtado

After a description of our workshop last year by Cecilia the board

agreed to participate again this year.


IYCOC and New Vision Partners:  Collaboration in putting on the

Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiative.  A 3-day program currently planned

June 23-25, 2014:                                Pranati Shah

Pranati was our IYCOC representative last June’s IYLI 3-day

program last year.  Based upon her comments in favor of working

with New Vision Partners for such a program here in OC the board

approved the project


Collaboration with OC Human Relations and other organizations to create

a project celebrating the 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1964 Civil

Rights Act.                                          Simran Chadha

Time did not permit the board to consider Simran’s suggestion.  It

Should be noted that the anniversary date is in early June so this

Suggestion will be on the Youth Board’s agenda for October.


Date and location for the next:     IYCOC Youth Board meeting will be from 3-5 pm Sunday October 20, 2013, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Tustin.



Respectfully submitted:



Mike Penn ( subbing for Courtney)








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