First Official IYCOC Meeting: September 18th, 2016 CA Zoroastrian Center

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12th Annual Faith Forum and Festival March 2016


IYCOC Annual Food Drive 2015

IYCOC Hygiene Kits Project, Hearts & Hands

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Sikh Center of Orange County, IYCOC Youth Board Meeting

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Irvine Global Village Festival September 27th, 2014

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Peace Fest 2014 Celebrating the UN International Day of Peace and the Compassion Games!

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10th Annual Interfaith Forum and Festival

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Hearts and Hands community service project 2013–In November of 2013 the IYCOC helped make hygiene kits for the Newport Mesa-Irvine Interfaith Council’s “2013 Hearts & Hands Program

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Hearts and Hands is one of my favorite IYCOC activities. It is an opportunity to not only contribute to our community by completing our care package projects, but to interact with a community that is just as passionate about community service and giving back. This year we completed over 100 care packages to be distributed to both the Sunday Dinner at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church and to Family Forward at Irvine. We look forward to participating in the next Hearts and Hands events in 2014.”    Keerit Kohli IYCOC Member


Interfaith Inventions Summer Camp at Malibu-slideshow

Shinnyo-en Foundation Retreat August 2012

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“Hearts and Hands” Community Service project November 2012
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Big Sunday 2013

MAY 2013- In an effort to take interfaith activity beyond dialogue, IYCOC teens were able to use Big Sunday as a platform to give back to their community while getting to know teens of different faiths on a more intimate and social level. The food drive was very successful, with over 80 pounds of food collected at a local grocery store in Tustin, California!

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TIDE Conference 2013

MAY 2013- This year, with a generous grant from the Shinnyo-en Buddhist Foundation, four members of IYCOC were able to take the message of teen interfaith dialogue to Boston, Massachusetts, at the Teenage Identity and Diversity Education (TIDE) conference. There they learned much about leadership and were able to share the mission of IYCOC with teens from across America. Initiatives and opportunities like these continue to inspire IYCOC members to broaden the scope of their outreach and partner with other organizations to create a national impact.
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Graduation Celebration and Bonfire 2013

JUNE 2013- As a commemoration to the graduating seniors of IYCOC, Nihaal Shah and Roya Azerkayvan, IYCOC celebrated the end of a successful year of interfaith planning and activities with a fun beach bonfire in Newport Beach, California. We look forward to an even more productive year in 2013-2014!
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Septermber 2013- To spread the news about our council and the work we do, IYCOC held and information booth at the Annual Irvine Village Global Festival. From this, we were able to recruit new members and share our impact.

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