Community Service


Plan and organize community service projects for the betterment of Orange County. Earn community service hours for your graduation requirements and or for inclusion in your college application.


IYCOC 2015-2016 Community Service Hours - Sheet1

Click Here for Updated Community Service Hours


IYCOC 2015-2016 Officers:

President: Kurt Huckleberry

Vice-President: Asha Ezzafi

Treasure: Jude Muhtaseb

Secretary: Sahib Ajit Singh

IYCOC Board Members Sub-Committees:

Service: This committee will lead the Council in its engagement with service organizations, projects (such as Hearts & Hands and other events), volunteerism and other means of helping to serve those in need. They will be responsible for recruiting volunteers for the Interfaith events and service projects that IYCOC commits to. (Niousha & Sheva, Co-Chairs)

Civic Engagement: Inclusive participation by youth representatives is a crucial part of civil society, and opportunities for youth civic engagement might include public policy/consultation (youth city council representation), involvement in community organizations, engagement in organizational decision making, and civic activism in issues that are important to members of IYCOC. (Mahek, Chair; Ruby, Noor and Sahej)

Fun/Relationship-Building: This committee will organize events like bonfires, field trips, and other fun activities for members of IYCOC, as well as lead relationship-building endeavors with other youth groups and organizations to build interfaith relationships in Orange County. (Hurshvir, Chair; Elena, Gurveer and Sahej)

Communications: This committee will build networks of communication between members of IYCOC for effective sharing of information about meetings, events, and outings. They will also help spread the message and intent of IYCOC via Social Media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (Raj, Chair; Mahek and Seeret)

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