Gagandeep Kaur Mann

Program Director

Gagandeep Kaur Mann is the current Program Director for New Vision Partners. Her responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Strategic and Logistical Planning for all New Vision Partners’ programs
  • Civic Engagement with members of the community, city officials, government agencies, and law enforcement
  • Leadership Training to NVP Students including workshops in school and retreats
  • Collaborations with educators either in schools or Houses of Worship
  • Donor relations: Assisted in follow-up to all donor-related opportunities for Executive Director
  • Responsible for crafting site promotions, creating and emailing newsletters
  • Developing online outreach campaigns for all NVP programs.
  • In charge of Interfaith Youth Leadership Initiatives and the development of those programs Programs: IYLI (USC, Chapman University, CSU Long Beach)
  • Implemented more efficient methods of communication amongst staff and youth
  • Supervised all youth members for all Interfaith/community related programs
  • Philanthropic component includes, assisting in logistical planning for NVP’s grassroots organizations and affiliates oversees: assisting in sustainability projects and need-based work
  • Management responsibilities included:
  • Creating, developing and managing content for organization’s web presence.
  • Copyedit and proofread all web content.
  • Create content for all proposals and marketing/fundraising campaigns
  • Basic Adobe Photoshop skills.
  • Proficient in Canva
  • Oversee all social media presence

In May of 2014, she was the Sikh Representative, in the Shinnyo-en Foundation’s Floating Lantern Ceremony and Conference in Hawaii. Present day, Gagandeep continues her interfaith work, as member of the Board of Directors for the Interfaith Council of Garden Grove, Stanton, and Westminster, Communications Director for the Orange County Interfaith Network and Supervisor and Program Director for Interfaith Youth Council of Orange County under the administration of New Vision Partners. Sikh affiliations include the Ujjaldidar Singh Memorial Foundation and the Khalsa Care Foundation and Camp Gian. Gagandeep currently lives in Orange County with her husband.