Lori Margaret

Program Director

Lori was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs and has since lived and worked in California, Washington, DC, Seattle and El Salvador, where she served as a relief and community development worker for four years following the 2001 earthquakes.

For the past 10 years, Lori has coordinated medical teams to Central America, worked with an international family foundation, guided students through intensive residency master’s of arts programs and worked as a contract writer and editor of interfaith relations programs for a large nonprofit based in California.┬áHer work has taken her to the different corners of the globe where she has experienced the transformational power of travel, especially listening to the stories of the people she encountered.

It was on her first trip overseas, a summer study abroad program in the Middle East during the 1989 Intifada, that she learned of the incredible hospitality and kindness of people of the Islamic faith. Since then, from Pakistan to Turkey to Malaysia, Lori has spent time with communities, families, relief and development workers and government officials seeking to build understanding between people of different cultures, backgrounds and faiths.

These life-changing experiences have inspired her drive to bridge the gaps in understanding that we face in a rapidly shrinking world. “We all have so much in common, and it is our shared humanity that has the power to bring us closer. We have so much to learn from each other.”