Youth Leadership Board Minutes

Youth Leadership Board Minutes – October 7, 2012

3:00-3:15: Welcome and Introductions (Nihaal)

Mission Statement (together)

Introductions (Name, grade, school, faith)

3:16-3:23: Reflection on one faith (Precursor)-Sukkot (Courtney)

3:24-4:24:Leadership Training/Teaching  (Mr. Penn)

Filling out Action Plan

– Hearts and Hands (November 17, arrive @ 9)

        -Hygiene Kits then Artistic Activity ($200 for hygiene kits-

         Keerit will order them).  Possible as a (separate) project for

        Sunday Supper at a later date.


        -email in RSVP and blast out to all IYCOC members  to



    *canned food drive (Nihaal will make a flyer)

– Interfaith Youth Forum

    -Theme Ideas/Questions (Nihaal’s suggestions):

    Common Man:

How does your faith describe how you live your day to day life?

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been debating about taxing the wealthy. President Obama suggests that taxing the wealthy will benefit those in the lower and middle classes w/ new programs, health care, etc. Does your faith speak about whether wealth should be given to those who have it, or equally to everyone no matter who they are or what they do?

3) What does your faith say about giving charity?

How much to give?

Who to give it to?

Why give charity?

What do your faith’s “scriptures” say about the role of men and women in a household?

Sub Topics or Alternatives


What kinds of dietary restrictions does your faith have?

What is a reason for this restriction?

Are there any specific days that you have these restrictions?

Pop Culture

What does your faith say about dating and relationships?

Other Possible Topics Proposed at Meeting:

*Women in faith (Jasjit)

*Faith in Modern World?

*Obesity in 2013 (covers health in faith) –>Michelle Obama’s Health Initiative

*Work bullying because of faith into questions (dress/act differently from cultural norm)

Pitch at Aldersgate United Methodist Church (Nihaal, Cecilia, Courtney)- 5:30 pm on Sunday, October 14 (30 minutes)

-Pitch forum, Hearts and Hands, monthly meetings, etc.

-brochure for speaker’s bureau (Nihaal)

-need membership registration forms and calendar of events (Mrs. Kahn will bring)

4:25-4:28- Deacon Steve Herrera and 6 students from Santa Clara, CA. want to come to the

    Interfaith Youth Forum to learn how we put it all together and to participate in forum.

            -home stay (possibly night before?)

4:29-4:35: Orange County Human Relations Initiative

    -Bridges (Walk in My Shoes-Nov.16)

            -OCIN (Jasjit and Mike Penn)-Workshops (can anyone on council

            possibly attend)

4:36-4:44- Reflection from new members/representatives and set date for next meeting

    -November 4th 3:00-5:00, possibly @ Shinnyo-en Temple?

    -Ask mosque if we can meet there in December

    -Homework/Contemplative Assignment: Nihaal’s Forum theme ideas/questions

4:45-5:55- Final Reflection on Sukkot/Closing Blessing (Cantor Tilchin)


Respectfully Submitted:


Courtney Widerman

IYCOC Secretary


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